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Microscopy: Petrographic & SEM/EDXS

  • “Stone" Defects - crystalline inclusions

  • "Knot, Cord, Ream or Line" Defects - vitreous inclusions

  • Devitrification - aka.: "Devit"

  • Metallic Inclusions

  • Refractory Failure & Furnace Autopsy

  • Contaminants in Raw Material, Cullet, etc.

  • Foreign Contaminant on or in the product

  • Heavy Mineral Separation & Identification

  • Fracture Analysis & Expert Witness

  • Glass technology consulting/support pertaining to glass composition, properties and defect issues. 

Silica weld rebound 100X_edited.jpg

Services & Rates

Analytical Services – All analytical services projects are charged by the hour; Optical and PLM rate is $225 per hour; SEM/EDXS service rate is $300 per hour. There is a two-hour minimum charge for any project. Routine turnaround time can range between 4 to 10 business days depending on the existing backlog of work already in the queue, as well as the number and complexity of the samples being submitted. Emergency and/or Rush turnaround service of 1 to 3 business days may be available upon request with a 50% premium fee added to the above analysis rates. Every project receives status updates via email and a final written report that includes multiple photomicrographs, SEM micrographs, EDX spectrographs, etc.


Glass Technology Consulting - $150 per hour

Expert Witness – $300 per hour for preparation, deposition, rebuttals etc., plus any travel and other related expenses


Training & Consulting

Training – Learn how to properly set-up and expertly utilize your polarized light microscope to identify and source your most prevalent glass defects, in your laboratory, on your own equipment. Training booklets including reference materials are given to each participant. Class size should be limited to a maximum of six people to optimize the hands-on learning experience.  $1,000 per day plus travel and related expenses.

Equipment Consulting – First time microscope buyer? Time to replace an older microscope? Need to add a camera system? Something not right with how your microscope is working? Questions about what you need for sample preparation equipment? JTF Microscopy has the experience and can guide you through the process to ensure your satisfaction.  $100 per hour plus any expenditures to get you on your way to success!

Payment Options:

We accept payments by check, electronic fund transfer (ACH), all major credit cards and/or PayPal.

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