About JTF Microscopy

J. Terry Fisk

Sr. Scientist / Owner

JTF Microscopy Services, LLC is an independent consulting company providing microanalytical services to customers from around the world, primarily from the glass, raw materials, refractory, furnace repair, recycling, and related industries.

Mr. J. Terry Fisk, the owner/president of JTF Microscopy, has forty years experience as a microscopist specializing in the identification and analysis of defects and contaminants in glass, the mineralogy of raw materials used in the glass industry, heavy mineral separation and identification, the mineralogy and micro-textures of refractory products, and the identification of natural and synthetic particulate contaminants in a wide range of products, not necessarily limited to the glass manufacturing industry.

Terry retired from Corning , Inc. as a Distinguished Associate, specializing in the teaching and application of polarized light microscopy (PLM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDX/S) in the identification and remediation of glass defects. He has authored several technical papers on “Petrographic analysis” dealing with the application of PLM to the identification of glass defect sources and determination of refractory failure mechanisms. He has presented comprehensive seminars on the petrographic method at the Conference on Glass Problems as well as at individual customer locations.

Terry has also provided classes in fiber identification techniques at the college level. He is a graduate of the McCrone Research Institute with a master’s degree in Chemical Microscopy.